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Interview de Stéphanie Moisan par Swide

3 janvier 2011

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Swide interviewed Stephanie Moisan, the French young woman behind famous site Le Journal des vitrines.

« She shoots the best shopping windows and displays and for our very own pleasure, takes us on an almost daily journey in glamourous Paris. One window = one focus, creativity is key but it is all done and captured with a « je ne sais quoi» , you know… The essence of Parisian chic. Not only blogging, she is a master in scene settings and have collaborated with well known luxury brands such as Swiss watch maker Delaneau.

Capture d’écran interview smoisan swide
1/ Why this passion for shopping windows?
(SM) Stéphanie Moisan: I have a degree in interior design from the art institute ESAG- Penninghen in Paris. From there I have worked in various areas, fashion (jewellery and accessories), furniture and objects or event settings. But then I realized that shopping windows mixes all of these.
I started to document myself and came to the conclusion that the resources on the web were quite poor and decided to create my blog to share my work as well as my excitement for these dreaming installations.
A shopping window is a media where designers and merchandisers illustrate their mood and messages. It is a temporary work of art that becomes somehow eternal once published on my blog.

2/ To you, what makes a shopping window very unique?
(SM): It has to catch the attention and act as a call-in; it has to be memorable and to enchant. But first and foremost it has to tell a story and provoke a reaction. Gone are the times where products were aligned for the customer to choose

3/ Which are the most exceptional windows you have photographed so far?
(SM): Lanvin, Moschino, Le Printemps…
4/ If you had to create a window today, what would it look like?
(SM): My blog is not my main activity, I am first a stage designer and I, and myself work on branded windows. I help these brands and shops to discover their creative potential as well as their image value. I add some seasonal trends and visions to their timeless brand identity.

5/ Your windows are Parisian, would you like to export your creativity to other cities?
(SM): Indeed, I mainly if not only follow the Parisian windows, but I recently came back from London and Geneva where I met with clients, which should lead to posts featuring windows in these cities.
My Internet network allows me to get information on other towns then Paris that I cannot always visit in order for me to remain in the loop of what is in & out.

6/ What is very much Parisian in a window display compare to the ones in London or Milan?
(SM): With globalization comes standardisation but department stores do still reflect the mood of its city. Individual brands tend to align their message and therefore duplicate concepts.

The 3 shopping window “faux-pas”

- A confusing display
- A random lighting
- No clear message
The shopping windows “must watch”

- London: Selfridges
- Paris: Lanvin and Le Printemps Haussmann
- New York: Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman

Interview by Delphine Hervieu.
Source: Le Journal des vitrines.

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soso 04/01/11 à 11h56

hé hé! Very good miss Stéphanie! Il va falloir que tu te remettes à l’anglais very soon! Tu commences bien l’année. Bravo!

edouard 06/01/11 à 12h40

Merci Stéphanie de nous permettre de voir en direct les vitrines des plus belles boutiques de Paris, Londres, New York, Genève…
Une vitrine est vraiment un outil de communication privilégié
Si, un jour, vous délaissiez momentanément la scène Parisienne et Internationale et que vous vous aventuriez dans les profondeurs de la Province Française, bienvenue dans nos vitrines qui ont aussi leur charme, en toute modestie naturellement…
A bientôt, peut-être !

bezard 07/01/11 à 14h45

Thanks Stephanie for your blog. I am a Visual Merchandising Manager for a cosmetic brand in London and I have to say that it is very helpful.


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